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Driving at Work


Any predominantly road-going vehicle used for work or University-related business

Any member of staff, any student, or any volunteer who uses a vehicle on University-related business

Driving at Work
Staff are classified as driving at work if they are driving on University business. This includes all journeys from the normal (designated) place of work to other places of work (e.g. to seminars, conferences, placements, fieldwork or sample locations etc.). It does not include travelling between a person’s normal (designated) place of work and home.


Staff using their own vehicle for University business are responsible for complying with all aspects of road traffic law and are personally liable for any penalties or convictions incurred as a result of failing to abide by the law.

Drivers are expected to have a general level of awareness of road safety issues to demonstrate safe driving behaviours and staff must also comply with the University’s Driving at Work Procedure.

Where staff use their own vehicle on University business the following conditions apply:

  • They must hold a valid driving licence for the vehicle concerned
  • The vehicle must have current and valid insurance which includes cover for business use
  • The vehicle must be roadworthy, well maintained, and have current and valid vehicle tax and MOT (if necessary)

All staff claiming expenses for the use of their own vehicle on University business must sign a self declaration on the expenses claim form to confirm that they have complied with the above requirements.

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