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Remote working and remote collaborations

Export controls continue to apply as usual at this time, even though you may not be travelling for University-related activities.

Even though University staff or students, approved visitors, contractors, consultants etc., would not have had to contend with export controls had they continued their work within UK borders, the fact that they are now working outside UK borders means that export controls considerations do apply.

As long as these individuals outside the UK are solely affiliated to the University, or have been previously cleared by the Regulatory Compliance Team, then regardless of which country they reside in, there are no end-user concerns. If you are affiliated to another institution or company and you have not been previously cleared, fill in and submit an Export Controls Compliance request (online form) with the Regulatory ComplianceTeam for clearance.

Controlled technology (which includes information, knowledge and research data) should not be discussed in online meetings (via platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams or Yammer) or emails, nor distributed via any digital environment which allows data sharing; such dissemination is still considered to be an export and the same restrictions apply if the data is to cross the UK borders.

If you are intending to share controlled information without a licence in place, you have the same two choices as working from campus:

  • Adapt the presentation to exclude the controlled information (preferred option) OR
  • Apply for (and be in receipt of) an export control licence.

If you require an export control licence you should note that ECJU’s processing time: The government currently process 87% of SIEL applications within 60 working days, of which 65% are processed within 20 working days. 51 %of OIEL applications are processed within 60 working days. No data is published for OITAL applications.

If you have any other queries, Regulatory Compliance Team are here to help.