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Overseas business travel and fieldwork

Here you’ll find the steps the University expects you to take before booking any overseas business travel or undertaking any overseas fieldwork; this includes emergency contact details and advice on pre-travel approval. 

Business travel

In general, business travel activities (such as conferences, meetings and events) outside the UK only require staff and students to read a generic risk assessment, prior to travel. You do not need to read it before every trip if you’re a frequent international traveller.

For trips that pose further risks, such as travelling in bad weather or to remote or dangerous locations, or an individual’s specific needs, the above risk assessment can be adapted to include additional hazards or circumstances and the control measures implemented.


The University's health and safety arrangements enable a risk-based approach to the health and safety management of fieldwork and field trips.

Fieldwork activities include undertaking interviews with the public, through to activities such as survey/collection work carried out by field scientists.

If you are carrying out fieldwork overseas you must follow the University’s health and safety requirements.

In most cases, for low-risk fieldwork activities carried outside of the UK, the generic fieldwork risk assessment outside of the UK can be used prior to travel.

Where circumstances of the fieldwork are outside the scope of the generic risk assessment (such as travelling in bad weather, travelling to remote locations or an individual’s specific needs) or aspects require further consideration, the generic risk assessment can be adapted by adding in additional hazards or circumstances and control measures.

Pre-travel approval

All student trips must have been pre-approved by their academic supervisor.

University staff should follow local approval procedures of their School or Directorate and should make their line manager or your University colleagues aware of the trip.

Booking your trip

All University staff and students must comply with the University’s Travel Policy and our health and safety guidance for working off-campus.

Before you travel overseas, we advise you to visit:

If you need help completing your risk assessment or specific advice on your trip, contact your school or local safety advisor; your School or Department office will be able to provide you with the details of your Safety Advisor.

To book your trip, please visit:

Emergency contact details

During travel, please ensure that you have the following emergency contact details with you in case an emergency incident occurs while you are away:

  • University security office: +44(0)161 306 9966
  • Key Travel: +44(020 7843 9602
  • AIG emergency assistance: +44(0)1273 727416
  • University insurance office: +44 (0)161 275 2243