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Periodic review

Statement about Periodic Reviews, March 2022

The University is committed to an academic assurance framework that ensures it complies with regulatory requirements (Professional, Statutory and Regulatory bodies and Apprenticeship Standards), whilst also maintaining consistent quality of access to education, delivery, and awards across the University. This should at least meet but aims to exceed benchmark standards, therefore improving the quality of our higher education provision and the educational experiences enjoyed by our students.

One aspect of the University’s academic assurance framework, known locally as Periodic Review, will remain suspended as it has been since 1st July 2018 whilst we are developing a new process to align our internal vision with the changing external landscape.  We will also be satisfying recommendations made by Uniac, the University’s internal auditors, in making this new process proportionate, risk-based, and data-informed, where triggers will guide prioritisation and pre-emptive action-planning. The University now has an interim, desk-based process available as an optional request to discipline areas while the final process is being developed. If a discipline area has reason to request an interim Periodic Review, for example because of an explicit request from a PSRB to do so, this can be implemented on the recommendation of the Faculty via the Vice-Dean for TL&S.

To drive change and identify areas requiring improvement the University continues to use continuous monitoring, APR, student surveys (including feedback from student feedback platforms such as Unitu), and a post-NSS Risk Review Process to complement local assurance and enhancement activity such as programme review, use of external examiner reports, professional bodies, and employer feedback, and the submission of an annual Student Experience Action Plan.     

Through a strategic project being led by Teaching and Learning Delivery (TLD) final iterations of new risk-based processes to address currently suspended periodic reviews will be submitted to the Teaching and Learning Strategy Group (TLSG) and then to Senate in October 2022 for approval and use from the 2022/23 academic session.

Jo Hicks, Teaching and Learning Manager (Programmes)

Endorsed by TLSG – on Monday 28th February 2022

Introduction about the Periodic Review process

The University periodically reviews the continuing validity and relevance of programme aims and intended learning outcomes and a School's management of its programmes (or discipline area).  This section of the website contains information and guidance on the periodic review process for both undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes and collaborative programmes.

Periodic review is developmental and based on dialogue between peers. A review is organised by the Faculty in which the School is based: the exact date and other arrangements for reviews are agreed between the Faculty and School.

The process of periodic review is based on a self-evaluation document produced by the School/discipline area/Partner Organisation that is then discussed with a panel of peers external to the School/discipline area/Partner Organisation.

The panel is normally chaired by an Associate Dean of the home Faculty (or nominee) and includes an officer of the Students' Union, external subject specialist/s, and a representative of the Division of Teaching, Learning and Student Development.

A member of Faculty administrative staff acts as Secretary to the panel.

Guidelines for the Periodic Review Process

Periodic and Institutional Review timetable

For the Periodic and Institutional Review timetable, please see below: