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Relationship between continuous monitoring and periodic review

Continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring is an ongoing process of reflection and action planning. It should be driven by the staff delivering a programme or group of cognate programmes. Programme teams are asked to reflect on the effectiveness of programmes as delivered during the year, identifying: particular achievements; any issues beyond their control that have affected their work; aspects that need to be addressed in the short term and recorded in an action plan; and current or possible future developments within the academic or professional community and the market environment. The output of continuous monitoring is captured in the minutes of programme committee meeting/s and an action plan. These are then considered at School level and the School reports to the Faculty on the conduct and outcomes of its continuous monitoring. In turn, the Faculty reports on the conduct and outcomes of continuous monitoring to the institutional Teaching and Learning Group, at the Annual Review of Teaching and Learning.

Periodic review

Periodic Review is a review at the discipline or School level of the continuing validity and relevance of programme aims and intended learning outcomes, the quality of the student experience and a School's management of its programmes (or discipline areas). Periodic review also includes a review of the portfolio of programmes, assessing subject health and planning for future provision. Periodic review is developmental and based on a dialogue between peers including at least one external subject specialist. Periodic review is organised by the Faculty who produce a report for consideration by the School, Faculty and Vice-President (Teaching, Learning and Students).

If, in preparing for periodic review or for a visit by a professional, regulatory and statutory body (PRSB) during a given academic year, a School feels that it has met the aims of annual monitoring for that academic year, then a Faculty may agree to accept the School's response to the periodic review or PRSB report as the output of annual monitoring for that particular year.

Periodic reviews can be organised as joint events with PRSBs where practical, and/or a Faculty may agree that the submission for a PRSB visit can be used as the submission for a periodic review.