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Continuous Monitoring of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Student Experience and the Annual Review of Teaching and Learning

The purpose of continuous monitoring is to ensure that the standard of programmes is being maintained and to improve the experience of students as appropriate.

Continuous monitoring is about reflecting on the previous academic year and action planning for the coming academic year.  It is relevant to all levels of the University but is driven in the first instance by the reflection of the staff delivering a programme or group of cognate programmes.

The University's approach to continuous monitoring is based on a 'conversational, not confrontational' approach; honest evaluations based on evidence of what has worked well and what has worked less well.

The document describes the continuous monitoring process, and has been updated to include information about:

  • the Annual Review of Teaching and Learning (ARTL), which is the way that the  University considers the completeness and effectiveness of the institution’s QA processes, and which uses output from continuous monitoring
  • changes to the way that peer support is looked at as part of the continuous monitoring process
  • requirements relating to continuing professional development (CPD) activity
  • the link to the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES)
  • the standardised format of Student Experience Action Plans (SEAPs)

  • embedding the student voice more explicitly into the process

Continuous Monitoring and SEAPs, 2021/22 academic year

An updated SEAP Excel template has been agreed for use for the current session. The template has been designed to support colleagues in this process and modified in response to feedback about alignment with APR and operational priorities . This interim process is light touch and has been produced to be as flexible as possible.

In addition to the template itself, the Excel file also includes a ‘user guide’ for the document and a ‘themes’ sheet identifying the themes for this session which as previously work to provide a consistent framework for discussion across Faculties (including the opportunity to collect good practice for onward sharing – a sheet is included for this in the template).

For advice on any local ways of managing this process, please speak with your Faculty Vice Dean (Teaching, Learning and Students), as appropriate.

School and Faculty SEAP documents should be submitted no later than MONDAY 17 JANUARY 2022 to enable circulation of papers in advance of the Annual Review of Teaching and Learning (ART&L) on 27 JANUARY 2022.

The guidance document on Continuous Monitoring can be found below, along with the standard associated SEAP template used prior to 2021/22:

Embedding Peer Support activity in the Continuous Monitoring Process

Information has been produced to help the School coordination team ensure that Peer Support activity is embedded appropriately at all stages and at all levels of the Continuous Monitoring cycle.  This information is in the form of guidance and a benchmarking pro forma and is available via the links below: