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Withdrawal of a programme

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This procedure and the associated pro-forma should be used when seeking approval for the withdrawal of undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes of study that lead to an award of the University.  This page provides general guidance on the approval process.

Sources of support

  • Your Faculty Quality Administrator: for advice on each stage of the approval process.
  • Administrative staff within your School or Faculty: for support with the preparation of documentation.
  • Market Research Services: for help with market research into the demand for a programme. 
  • For collaborative proposals, the academic advisor assigned to the programme.

An overview of the process for withdrawing a programme

All proposals to withdraw a programme must be approved by the Faculty.   For cross-Faculty programmes, approval must be obtained from all Faculties involved.  Unless all Schools affected by the withdrawal agree, then notice of at least one academic year must be given.  In this context, it is helpful to specify explicitly any units within the programme that are not  to be withdrawn if they affect other Schools.

Where students are currently still registered on the programme either for continuing study or for resit examinations, suitable arrangements must be agreed to ensure that those students are able to complete their programme.

Campus Solutions

Once withdrawal has been approved by the Faculty, the programme/plan record must be updated by the Faculty Quality Administrator to highlight that the programme/plan is no longer open for admissions.  The programme/plan will be formally withdrawn from Campus Solutions once all students have completed.