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Amendments to taught programmes


This procedure and associated pro-forma should be used when seeking approval for amendments to undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes of study that lead to an award of the University.  These pages provide general guidance on the approval process.

Overview of the process for approving amendments to programmes

There are various types of amendment which are classed as major or minor according to whether or not they are significant in intent or effect.  Major amendments require approval by the Faculty whilst minor amendments can be approved by a School and reported to the appropriate Faculty (so that it can monitor the nature and cumulative effect of minor amendments to programmes). 

The process also involves review of marketing information for the programme as this may need to be revised to reflect the changes.

Sources of Support

  • Your Faculty Quality Administrator: for advice on each stage of the approval process.
  • Administrative staff within your School or Faculty: for support with the preparation of documentation.
  • Market Insight Team: for help with market research into the demand for a programme. 
  • Guidance notes on providing evidence for programme approval 
  • For collaborative proposals, the academic advisor assigned to the programme.