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Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)

In March 2015, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) provided guidance to Higher Education institutions that provide undergraduate programmes about their obligations to students in terms of consumer regulations, including the provision of up-to-date, accurate programme information, including full costs of programmes. 

The guidance (see link below) requires the University to take a number of actions to remain within the law. If we do not meet our obligations, we may be in breach of consumer law and risk enforcement action. In some circumstances, students may also have the right to take legal action against us or seek redress, such as full fee repayment.

CMA Guidance

The CMA guidance and advice document ("UK higher education providers – advice on consumer protection law: Helping you comply with your obligations") can be found at:

A Five Minute Guide to CMA Requirements


For details of Disclaimers agreed with the Office of General Counsel, please see below:

CMA 'material' information