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International students/Studying Abroad

In addition to other considerations, international students will need to understand the immigration implications of planning a break in studies.  At present, students who require a visa to study in the UK cannot extend their visa for reasons relating to pregnancy and maternity, although all visas allow for a short period of stay in the UK in addition to time spent studying.

Further information on student visas is available from the Home Office (UK National Government):


The following points should be taken into account by international students and those on placements overseas:

  • UK students who are on placement or studying abroad will need to check their visa for terms and conditions as they may  need to extend their stay or return to the country at a later date
  • As pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition by insurance companies, students who are pregnant prior to commencing a field trip or placement/study abroad will need to check whether their insurance covers them appropriately
  • Airlines have different policies regarding pregnant women travelling; most will allow up to 36 weeks of pregnancy but their may be restrictions if the pregnancy is complicated or multiple.  Students are advised to check the individual airline policies before travelling.