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Family emergencies and caring responsibilities

Ill health and family emergencies can be expected to crop up from time to time – as they will among students who don’t have children or other dependents to care for. Schools should take a reasonable and flexible approach, working with students to ensure that they are able to catch up on work they have missed.

Students are expected to take responsibility for making adequate day-to-day arrangements, to follow the procedures set down in their handbooks for contacting their School in the event of absence or emergency and for catching up with any work which they have missed.

The University’s Mitigating Circumstances Policy can be considered in instances of genuinely unforeseeable or unpreventable circumstances. In these cases it should be demonstrable that the circumstances or event have had a significant adverse effect on academic performance.

If students are struggling to manage longer term circumstances, they should inform their School office as soon as possible and seek advice regarding the possible solutions.