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Line manager responsibilities

As a manager of international staff, what are my responsibilities in relation to visa expiration and renewal? 

  • Be aware of the immigration status of your non-British/Irish staff
  • Ensure that they make their applications in a timely fashion, seeking advice from People & OD Operations as appropriate. 

I line manage a sponsored individual, what are my responsibilities?

UKVI must be notified of a range of activities in relation to the sponsored worker. When the individual is appointed, you will receive an e-mail from People & OD Operations outlining your obligations. In summary, you need to notify People & OD Operations immediately if:

  • the worker does not attend work on their first day of employment
  • they take unauthorised absence for 10 consecutive days
  • they are on long-term sick for one month or more
  • they request unpaid leave for more than one month
  • they request time off for maternity, paternity, adoption or parental leave
  • there are proposed significant changes to the contract of employment including salary, contractual hours and/or location of the employment.  Note that someone cannot change from a teaching-focussed to research-focussed role (or vice versa) without a new visa, and must not be allowed to change roles until this visa is secured
  • their contract of employment is terminated or the worker resigns earlier than anticipated
  • there is information suggesting they are breaching the conditions of their leave to remain
  • there is information suggesting they are engaged in terrorist or criminal activity

People & OD Operations will report the required information to UKVI. If you are unsure whether UKVI need to be notified of an activity, contact

I line manage a Tier 4 student, what are my responsibilities?

You are responsible for ensuring that any students who are employed to work in your Department/School/Faculty do not work more than their permitted hours (e.g. 10/20 hours per week during term time.)

  • You must not knowingly offer work which would result in the student being in breach of their visa restrictions
  • You must record and monitor weekly working hours
  • You must report any potential breaches of visa restrictions immediately to People & OD Operations.