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ResourceLink is the University's People/Payroll system, provided by Zellis.

It is maintained by the People and OD Systems team, who are also responsible for processing any requests to access the system.

Guidance on accessing ResourceLink and how to resolve some common user issues is available below.

Who is allowed access to ResourceLink?

There are two main types of access to ResourceLink - Editable/Read-Write and View-Only/Read-Only.

Both types of access are heavily restricted, and can only be granted to current substantive employees.

Please note that agency/temporary workers are not allowed direct access to ResourceLink unless they are working in People and OD Operations (Employment Services, Systems, and Payroll).

Editable/Read-Write Access

This type of access may be allowed for the following groups of staff, depending on the requirements of their roles:

  • Employment Services
  • People and OD Systems
  • Payroll
  • A small number of employees from the following Directorates:
    • People and Organisational Development
    • Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion
    • IT Services

View-Only/Read-Only Access

This type of access may be allowed for the following groups of staff, depending on the requirements of their roles:

  • Finance Helpdesk
  • Treasury
  • Heads of School/Faculty Finance
  • Accountants
  • Finance/Research Finance Officers
  • Research Support Officers/Managers
  • Research Services Officers/Managers (from the Directorate of Research and Business Engagement only)

How do I request access to ResourceLink?

Access to ResourceLink must be requested by your Line Manager on your behalf.

Please note that if you submit the request yourself, an email will be sent to your Line Manager asking for approval. The request will then be placed on hold until the approval is received.

Line Manager approval is required for all ResourceLink access requests, so having them submit the request in the first place saves time.

How to submit a ResourceLink access request
All requests for direct access to ResourceLink must be submitted via the IT Support Portal:

  1. The request form is available here. Alternatively, you can log into the portal, click on 'Request Support' and search for 'HR business systems request'

  2. Once in the form, select the 'ResourceLink Access' option for Request Type

  3. Provide the details of the user requiring access

  4. The Training complete question relates to the Information Security and Data Protection training course (this course should be completed by the user requiring access before the form is submitted)

    • Select 'Yes' if the user has already completed the course
    • If the user has not yet completed the course, wait for them to do so before submitting the form
    Please note that if you select 'No' for this question, the rest of the form will not be available

  5. Provide the business justification for the request (include as much detail as possible)

  6. Confirm the details of an existing user whose account can be copied/cloned (where applicable)

How do I reset my ResourceLink password?

Your ResourceLink password can be reset by clicking on the 'forgotten password' link on the login screen.

You will then be asked for your ResourceLink username - when you click on the 'reset' button, an email will be sent to you with a link to reset your password.

If you do not receive the email (and it is not in your junk/spam folder), you can ask for your password to be manually reset by emailing People and OD Systems.

I can't log in / I'm getting an error when I try to access ResourceLink - what should I do?

There are several steps that you can take to investigate (and hopefully resolve!) your issue before needing to contact anyone:

1. Check for any Planned Maintenance

You can find the details of any Planned Maintenance (including system upgrades) by clicking here - the details will be given at the top of the page.

You may not be able to log in during any maintenance periods - sometimes the system is completely unavailable, and sometimes the access is intermittent.

In these cases, it is best to wait until the estimated end time stated before trying to log in again.

2. Check your emails

An email is usually sent to all ResourceLink users/operators when there is system downtime (either planned or unplanned) for any reason.

  • If you have an email confirming that the system is currently down due to planned events, you should wait until the estimated end time stated before trying to log in again

  • If the downtime is due to unplanned events you may not be given an estimated end time, but you should receive an additional email confirming when the system is available again - in these cases you should wait for the additional email before trying to log in again

3. Check Service Availability

IT Services publishes details of the status of multiple services and systems across the University, including ResourceLink - you can find the details at this link:

ResourceLink can sometimes be affected by wider issues (e.g. access to GlobalProtect VPN).

In these cases, a notification about the ResourceLink availability would not be sent to users/operators as updates are generally provided by IT Services (either on their own website or on StaffNet). You can follow these updates to find out when the system is available for use.

4. Check your VPN connection

You must be logged in/connected to the GlobalProtect VPN in order to access ResourceLink.

  • If you are already logged in/connected to the VPN, try disconnecting and reconnecting before attempting to log in again

  • If you are not logged in/connected to the VPN, make sure that you are logged in/connected before attempting to log in again

5. Clear your browser cache/cookies

Following the relevant steps for your browser, clear your browser cache/cookies. You should then refresh the ResourceLink login screen and try to log in again.

Please note that the recommended browsers for ResourceLink are Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

6. Use another browser

Try logging in using another browser (you may need to repeat Step 5 in the new browser).

Please note that the recommended browsers for ResourceLink are Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

7. Contact People and OD Systems

If you have tried all of the above steps and are still unable to access ResourceLink, send an email to People and OD Systems.

You should include your ResourceLink username, screenshots of any error messages, and details of the steps you have taken to try and resolve the issue.

I'm getting an error when I try to access my own record - what should I do?

The majority of ResourceLink users are not able to access their own records.

If you need to view the personal or pay data held about you in ResourceLink, you can log in to MyView - click here for more details.