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System Maintenance and Known Issues

Read below to find out more about any system maintenance (such as system upgrades) and any known issues with MyView.

Please note the issue with uploading documents in MyView is now resolved. 


Please note the issue with uploading documents in MyView is now resolved. 

Known Issues

Listed below are the currently known maintenance & issues with MyView.

I can't log in to MyView and I have a '/' (forward slash) in my Employee ID Number

This is an ongoing issue that we are aware of and are investigating.

Currently, staff with a '/' (forward slash) as part of their Employee ID Number are unable to access MyView.

The current authentication systems involved in accessing MyView cannot recognise non-numeric characters which is why employees with a '/' as part of their ID can't get through to MyView - the systems cannot check their login details against their employment records, so they are stopped from logging in.

The authentication issue is being looked at, and our colleagues in IT Services have been exploring the options that would allow those with /1 records to access MyView in order to take advantage of both the existing functionality and anything further that is rolled out. The options sound promising, but further discussions and testing are still required.


Unfortunately there's not much that we are able to do at the moment in terms of affected employees being able to access MyView.

Those affected can request paper/offline copies of pay documents from our Payroll team

, and can submit Expense Claims using the PR7 form (more details on this available here).

I can't log in to MyView and I do not have a '/' (forward slash) in my Employee ID Number

There are a number of reasons why employees without a '/' (forward slash) in their ID might not be able to log in to MyView:

  1. You are no longer a 'current' employee
  2. You do not have an employee record
  3. You are using the wrong details to log in
  4. There is an ongoing issue with MyView access
  5. You are not set up with Duo


  1. MyView is only available for current employees. If you have left your employment, you will no longer be able to log in. If you need copies of pay documents, you should contact Payroll on

  2. As MyView is only available for current employees, only people with a current employment relationship with the University will be able to log in - i.e. students, those who receive fee payments, agency workers etc. will not be able to access MyView. If you believe you are an employee but cannot log in, please follow the guidance under 'I keep getting logged out of MyView' below.

  3. You should use your normal University logon details to access MyView. You will have needed to complete you IT account setup in order to have these logon details - more details about this can be found here. If you have forgotten your password or need to reset it, please contact IT Services for support (MyView is not able to help with University logon details).

  4. If there is an ongoing issue affecting MyView access, details will be posted at the top of this page. Depending on the issue, there may also be an announcement posted on the SatffNet home page. If nothing is posted on this page and there has been no announcements on StaffNet about any IT/network issues, please contact MyView on for advice.

  5. You will need to use Duo, the University's 2-factor authentication service, to access MyView. More information on Duo and how to set it up can be found on the IT Services website.

I keep getting logged out of MyView

If either of the following statements apply, you should attempt the workarounds/solutions provided below:

  • You are randomly logged out of MyView at any point whilst using it, including if you are logged out when trying to authorise/reject or submit an expense claim
  • You are a current employee and are getting errors when you try to log in (and you have already looked at/followed the guidance above)

Please note that the recommended browsers for MyView are Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.


There are a couple of options that may help resolve this issue:

  1. Please try the following steps in the first instance:
    • Log out of MyView
    • Fully clear your browser cache (ensuring the time period selected is 'all time' or equivalent)
    • Check your browser is fully updated
    • Log into MyView via the link on StaffNet
    • If you were logged out when using MyView, repeat the action/activity that you were doing when you were logged out (e.g. attempt to authorise the expense claim again)
  1. If you are being logged out when submitting a form (including expense claim forms), you should try creating a new version of the form and submitting that one.

If you have tried both of these and are still having the issue, please contact MyView on with the following:

  • Details of what action/activity you were trying to complete
  • Screenshots of MyView before you were logged out
  • Screenshots of MyView after you are logged out, showing any errors

Clearing your browser cache

Specific guidance on clearing your cache can be found via the links below (both links are to external websites):

I can't submit expense claims as a Delegate

Delegates can raise expense claims on behalf of someone else via the 'Responsibilities' section of the menu in MyView. If you do not have access to MyView (e.g. if you are an agency worker), you will not be able to act as a Delegate).

At the bottom of the 'Responsibilities' section is a list of all delegations to you - click on the relevant one in order to view the claim history or submit a new claim (more details on how to do this are avaialble here).

There are a few common issues that may occur when you try to submit claims on behalf of someone else:

  1. The delegation you are looking for is not visible in the 'Responsibilities' section

  2. You get an error like this (with the relevant employee ID shown) when you try to view the claim history or start a new claim form: "The post for the selected employee 12345678 has ended"

  3. You get logged out when you try to submit a claim as a Delegate


  1. If the delegation you are looking for is not visible, that means it hasn't been created yet. In the first instance, you should check with the person that has delegated to you whether or not they have submitted a request for the delegation to be created. If the request has not been submitted, they must do that first - they will get a notification when it has been created, after which you should be able to see the delegation in the 'Responsibilities' section.

  2. The "post for.....has ended" error mentioned above is due to a known bug in the system that affects a small number of colleagues with delegation rules in place. The issue has already been reported to our system supplier and they are working on a fix, but we are not sure when it will be released/available.

    Unfortunately, this means that the person who has delegated expenses to you will need to submit the claims via their own MyView account (they will be unable to have others submit claims on their behalf).

    We appreciate that this is inconvenient, and will endeavour to keep affected employees informed once the fix/solution is ready.

  3. If you are being logged out when trying top submit claims as a Delegate, you should first check whether you have access to submit claims for yourself - if you do not have access to submit your own expense claims, you may not be able to submit as a Delegate. If you do not have access to submit your own claims but should, please follow the advice here. If you do have access to expenses, please check the top of this page to see if there are any ongoing issues with MyView.