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Sick pay

During sickness absence, you may be eligible to receive occupational sick pay from the University. This is based on length of service:

Length of serviceOccupational sick pay
0-3 months One month full pay
3-12 months Two months full pay, followed by two months half pay
1-3 years Three months full pay, followed by three months half pay
3+ years Six months full pay, followed by six months half pay

You may also be eligible for statutory sick pay, a fixed amount set by the government. This statutory pay is included in any full pay and in addition to any half pay given by the University.

To be entitled to sick pay, you must:

  • Follow the correct sickness reporting procedures.
  • Maintain regular contact with your line manager during absence.
  • Provide either a self-certification of absence form (for absences of 1-7 calendar days) or a fit note from your doctor (for absences of 8 or more calendar days).