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Recording your sickness

Colleagues are required to record their sickness in MyView. You can either:

  • Record the absence yourself (as soon as possible, but this does not have to be on the first day of absence).
  • If you’re too unwell, ask your line manager to do it on your behalf.
  • If you don’t have access to MyView, ask your line manager or nominated administrator to record the sickness on your behalf.

If your absence is longer than seven calendar days:

  • You must provide a fit note from your doctor, covering the period of your absence. Any subsequent fit notes should arrive at the expiry of your previous one.
  • Fit notes should be uploaded to your absence report in MyView, either by yourself or your line manager.

On your return to work:

  • If your absence was 1-7 calendar days, complete a self-certification form and add this as a document to your absence report in MyView.
  • If your absence was 8 or more calendar days, complete this return to work form.
  • In all cases, your line manager will hold a return to work interview with you.