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MyView Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please click on the topics below for further information, or contact People and OD Operations if you have other questions.

What is MyView?

MyView is our Employee Self-Service portal.

The portal links into ResourceLink, the University's People/Payroll system, so changes made in MyView go directly into your staff record.

Why should I use MyView?

Current employees will receive payslips, expense slips, and P60 documents through MyView - these can all be downloaded as PDFs.

Some employees are also required to submit their expense claims through MyView - see here for more information.

You can also view and update some of your personal information, such as:

  • Bank Details
  • Home Address
  • Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Details
  • Emergency Contact Details

If you are a Line Manager, you will be able to view some details about your team via the My People tab.

The data you hold about me in MyView is not correct - what should I do?

Some of your data can be updated directly in MyView - see here for more information.

If you're not able to update the details in MyView, you should contact your Faculty team in People and OD OperationsPlease note that you may be asked to provide additional documentation or proof of identity.

What details can a Line Manager see about their team?

Line Managers can view various details about their team, including some information about their posts.

More details about this can be found here.

The list of my team members is not correct (e.g. someone is missing) - what should I do?

A form to request changes to line management information is available in MyView. It can be used to add missing team members, remove team members that shouldn't be there, or inform People and OD Operations of a change in your line management responsibilities.

The form can be found in the menu under Line Manager & Team View - select Request to change/update and complete the relevant details. The form is then sent to People and OD Operations to process.

Please note that employees cannot request a change to their own Line Manager - the manager must submit the form.

My pay is not correct/doesn't look right - who can I talk to?

If something is not right about your pay, you should contact the Payroll team on More details about their availability can be found here.

I still want to receive paper payslips - what should I do?

Social responsibility is an important part of our University culture and to help reduce our environmental impact, the University began issuing all pay advice online in 2010 (this includes payslips, expenses slips, and P60s).

If you do not have access to a computer or other electronic device (such as a laptop, tablet or mobile phone), please contact People and OD Operations to discuss the possibility of receiving a paper payslip. Please note that if you do request this service we may ask your Line Manager to verify that you do not have access to electronic resources on-site.

Some limited groups of staff will still receive paper payslips as they do not have access to electronic resources on-site (this is by prior agreement). However, even if you receive a paper payslip, you will still be able to access your payslips via MyView.

If you would like to begin using MyView or other University electronic resources, please contact the IT Support Centre to discuss how to gain access to your IT login details.

Will banks and building societies accept a print off of my online payslips?

Yes - most banks and building societies will accept self-printed pay advice. However, if you do encounter any difficulties please contact People and OD Operations.

How do I submit expenses using MyView?

MyView Expenses was rolled out to staff across the University during 2020 - more details about this and how to submit a claim are available here.

Which web browsers are compatible with MyView?

The latest versions of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are supported - these are the recommended browsers to use with MyView.

Please note that Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are not supported and therefore cannot be guaranteed to work correctly.

I don't have a University login - do I need this to access MyView?

Yes, you do need a University login to access MyView.

All workers and employees have a University username and most also have an email account. If you don't already have your username, then you'll need to use a University PC to activate your account. Please contact the IT Support Centre for help with setting this up.

I can't log in/I'm getting an error message when I try to log in - what should I do?

Check the System Maintenance and Known Issues page first - we'll post details of any ongoing issues that affect MyView there.

If there are no ongoing issues mentioned, check the list of known issues to see if any are relevant to you.

If there are no ongoing issues and no relevant known issues, please contact MyView on for advice.

I don't have access to a University desktop PC or laptop - can I still access MyView?

Yes - MyView is accessible via your smartphone, personal computer, or laptop.

If you don’t have access to a PC or laptop in your day-to-day role and would like to access MyView on campus, you should discuss this with your Line Manager in the first instance.

The University also has a number of PC clusters for staff and students. Details of the clusters and their availability can be found here.

Can I access MyView from home or using a mobile device?

Yes - open the browser on your home/mobile device and use the link at the top of the Employee Self-Service page to access MyView.

You'll be prompted to enter your username and password, and will then be asked to authenticate using the University's 2-factor authentication service, Duo.