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Overtime claims

All overtime must be agreed in advance by your line manager. Overtime is only paid to Support staff in grades 1 - 5.

To submit your overtime claim, please complete the following form, depending on whether you receive our salary in the middle or end of the month, and give this to your line manager:

Your line manager will authorise the form and submit this to HR Services for payment.


If you receive your salary mid month the deadline for submission to HR Services is the 1st of every month.

If you receive your salary at the end of the month the deadline for submission to HR Services is the 13th of every month.

Overtime rates   

Overtime rates for time worked in excess of 35 hours week:

Monday to Saturday                           

Time and a half or  TOIL (time off in lieu)


Double time or TOIL

Bank holidays & Closure days

Double time or TOIL

Part-time staff will be paid overtime at plain time until hours exceed 35 per week

A period of less than 30 minutes will be considered under flexible working arrangements and will not qualify for overtime rates

Time off in lieu (TOIL) will be at plain time

Overtime rates on rest days for staff working any 5 out of 7 day shift patterns

First rest day 

Time and a half or  TOIL

First rest day when it falls on a Bank Holiday 

Double time or TOIL

Second rest day 

Double time or TOIL

Security staff will be paid all overtime at an average of 1.625 x hourly rate which is equivalent to the above rates