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Use the following form to pay those people invited by the Directorate of Human Resources to claim interview expenses:

NB: Do not use this form to make any other payments of any kind.

All candidate claims are limited to a maximum of £250, including those for candidates travelling from abroad.

Schools/Directorates wishing to pay any amount in excess of this must approve this in advance with the candidate and fund this from their own budget.

Managers are encouraged to consider ways to curtail the rising costs of recruitment, for example where possible by:

  • using skype/video conferencing for initial interviews;
  • ensuring interview times allow candidates to travel during the day without the need for an overnight stay.

Completing the form

The form should be completed before arrival at the University, and must be presented to the Human Resources representative before the interview. Claims made after this date should be sent to HR Services within one month of the interview date.

Claimants should be aware of the following:

  • travel must be by the most economic method possible, and all original receipts/tickets must be submitted with the claim.
  • expenses will only be paid up to the limit specified.