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External examiners

Use form PR9 to pay expenses to external Examiners for the University:

Do not use this form to:

  • Make any other payments of any kind

Completing the form

Completed claims, accompanied by all original receipts, should be sent to:

  • Teaching and Learning Assistant
    Teaching and Learning Support Office
    John Owens Building
    The University of Manchester
    Oxford Road
    M13 9PL

It is the responsibility of the school to check the claim details are correct, all original receipts are attached, and that the Finance code is open before the claim authorised.

Claimants should be aware of the following:

  • Standard mileage rates of 40p per mile for the first 150 miles of any return journey, with 25p per mile thereafter;
  • Details of bank accounts are required to enable direct payment, and these must be supplied on the first claim from any external personnel;
  • Accommodation should be arranged at a Hall of Residence or one of the designated suppliers;
  • Tips are not reclaimable. Credit card statements, booking, registration or application forms, cheque stubs etc. do not qualify as receipts.

For further information, please see: