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The granting of an advance is at the discretion of the Director of Finance. An application must be made on form PR3A at least two weeks before the date of travel.

Use this form to claim for:

  • an advance to pay for expenditure eligible under University policy for reimbursement as expenses;
  • where an employee is planning a trip (usually overseas) that will involve significant expenditure that would otherwise be claimed as expenses upon return.

Do not use this form to claim for:

  • any item that can be paid for directly (by invoice or purchase card);
  • items that cannot be paid out of University funds (gifts, tributes, excessive tips etc);
  • personal expenditure of any kind;
  • insurance (should be arranged in advance through the Procurement Office);
  • where total claims are unlikely to exceed £200.

Staff should complete and submit form PR3A before travel. Upon return, form PR3B must be completed and returned together with original receipts for all items. Where total expenditure has exceeded the advance, the balance will be paid in the usual way. Should the advance exceed total actual expenditure, the balance must be returned without delay. 

Please note that:

  • both forms PR3A and PR3B must each be signed by an authorised signatory, who should be the Head of School or his/her nominee. The authorised signatory must be senior to the claimant. (If the claimant is the Head of School, the Faculty Dean must authorise both parts of the form);
  • the forms must never be authorised by the person making the claim;
  • similarly, an authorised signatory must never authorise a claim by a spouse, partner or other close relative;
  • Form PR3B must be completed and returned, along with original receipts, within one month of returning from the trip for which expenses were advanced;
  • no further advances will be made if form PR3B remains outstanding from an earlier trip;
  • the University reserves the right to deduct the full value of an advance from an employee's salary if form PR3B is not submitted.

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