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Accommodation and meals

When booking accommodation please take advantage of any discounts negotiated by the University community.

Wherever possible accommodation should be pre-booked and paid via the normal school purchase order system or via a University purchasing card.

Additional costs for meals etc must be paid separately.

The University will not reimburse charges for items such as hotel bar bills, telephone calls (except on University business) or videos.

You must always obtain a bill or receipt at the time of checking out of a hotel even if it is has been pre-paid.

If accommodation has been charged to a University purchasing card a receipt must be obtained for this portion of the bill and passed to the cardholder who will need this for the purposes of statement checking.

Staff who make business journeys greater than five miles from their normal place of work or are away from work on University business for a period of more than five hours, are entitled to claim subsistence costs. This will typically include meals and accommodation costs, which may be claimed on the presentation of receipts.

Staff who, as part of their employment, make business journeys of less than five miles from their normal place of work or are away from work for a period of less than five hours can only claim subsistence costs if the event is classed as a working event.

Hotels and restaurants

The University will reimburse only those hotel costs that are wholly, necessarily and exclusively required for University purposes.

The University will pay for only one alcoholic drink per person per day when staff are on University business.  This applies regardless of the source of funds and covers subsistence (if staff are aware on University business) and business entertainment (when non-University staff are present).  A drink is defined as a single glass of wine or pint of beer.  The University will not reimburse hotel minibar bills.