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Attending conferences

When planning to attend a conference or similar public event that anyone can access and join, follow the trusted research guidance for academics. Please be aware that if you’re not presenting at a conference or similar public event, and are just in attendance, think carefully about what information you share and be clear on the areas of research that you can and cannot talk about. Please also follow the tips about travelling overseas.

Attending a conference abroad and your presentation includes controlled information/data

If you wish to present controlled information/data, you have two options:

  • Adapt the oral presentation or poster to exclude the part that is controlled. This could mean taking information out or anonymising certain aspects of the research data [preferred option]
  • Present the controlled information with an export control licence

If it is critical that the oral presentation or poster includes the controlled information, you must apply for, and be in receipt of, an active licence before attending the event. To apply for a licence, fill in and submit an Export Controls Compliance request (online form) with the ECC Team.

Attending a conference abroad and your presentation does not include controlled information/data

  • If your oral presentation or poster does not include any controlled information/data, you will not require an export licence
  • Information/data previously published is considered to be in the public domain is not controlled and no licence is required