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Travelling abroad with controlled items

Travelling abroad on University business with controlled items and an export control licence

If you have a SIEL Standard Individual Export Licence - in place 

  • You can use your electronic devices, access email through Outlook and download attachments as normal. 
  • You can undertake all controlled work that has been indicated in your export control licence application. 

If you are using a registered OGEL- Open General Export Licence 

  • An OGEL covers specific countries and specific control codes. You must ensure you fill in and submit an Export Controls Compliance request (online form) before you travel so that the regulatory compliance team can ensure that the University is registered for the correct OGEL required to export to your destination country the controlled items you are planning on travelling with or accessing in your travels. 
  • For more information on the conditions and requirement of an issued OGEL please click hereBefore you travel overseas, ensure that you meet all the conditions and requirements of the OGEL licence. 

Travelling abroad on University business, while working with controlled items, without an export control licence

  • If you have determined that the information, research data, technology or knowledge in your research iscontrolled, do not take electronic devices containing controlled data with you when travelling. 
  • If you require a laptop for your travel, request a blank electronic device from IT Services on which you will be able to take non-controlled information/data or take your current device with you but remove the controlled information. Please note that when requesting a blank laptop, you will need to have ready the export control code that identifies which controlled item your research data are related to. 
  • Use Webmail instead of Outlook to access your emails from abroad. If you have an attachment that you suspect contains controlled data, do not open it abroad. 
  • Do not use the University shared drives or other University servers to access your controlled information from abroad. 
  • If you hold controlled technology on your laptop and are in transit to the Country of your destination, please be aware that as long as you stay in the airport/passport-controlled zone and do not access the controlled technology until you reach the Country of your destination then no new notification will not be required for the countries that you transit through.    
  • If you require access to the controlled research data, technology or knowledge while abroad, apply for an export licence by filing in and submitting an Export Controls Compliance request (online form) with the RC Team. 

Travelling to the United States of America

  • Please be aware when visiting the USA of what material/technology you are bringing back with you.
  • US export controls are extraterritorial which means that if it is controlled under US export legislation, there will be requirements to comply with that legislation here, at the UoM.
  • For such cases, we put Guidance Control plans in place to give assurances that all the physical measures, information security measures and access management and vetting of individuals is according to US law. Please fill in and submit an Export Controls Compliance request (online form) for further information or if you have any questions on US export controls.