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Student engagement in quality assurance and enhancement

There are many opportunities for students to contribute to the way in which the curriculum develops and the overall learning experience at Manchester.  We’ve tried to summarise all of these ways here and then signpost more information where relevant.

For ways to contribute to ongoing policy developments or new initiatives, visit the Approaches to Partnership and Engagement.

Continuous Monitoring

Student feedback is used as part of Continuous Monitoring, by using satisfaction indicators such as the National Student Survey, Student Barometer, feedback from Staff-Student Liaison Committees, DLHE statistics, the results of unit surveys or by representation via UMSU.  For further information about Continuous Monitoring, please see:

Periodic Review

“Periodic review is a review at the discipline or School level of the continuing validity and relevance of programme aims and intended learning outcomes, the quality of the student experience and a School's management of its programmes (or discipline areas).”

Students can be involved in Periodic Reviews by becoming part of a group of students present at the Periodic Review meeting with the Review panel, and feeding their views into this process. This group should be a cross-representative group of students (e.g. from each discipline within the scope of the review, and ideally from each year). These students may, but do not have to, be elected representatives.

Schools could also seek feedback from students prior to the Periodic Review taking place, with regards to their thoughts on the adequacy of a programme or discipline area. The Panel members include a representative from UMSU.The Students’ Union representative is asked to pay particular attention to issues associated with the student experience.


Student Representation

Students can get involved in student representation procedures by becoming programme reps, School or Faculty reps, or by feeding their views into the student rep structure, via their programme reps, as part of Staff-Student Liaison Committees, School Boards, Teaching and Learning Committees, etc. Representation also takes place via UMSU representation structures. The following document provides details of student representation structures and information:

Unit Surveys

Students are invited to take part in unit surveys twice a year to give their views on how far they agree or disagree with a number of statements and free text responses to questions about the unit and the lecturer, for every unit they study.

Institutional / Higher Education Review

Higher Education review is carried out by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) to inform students and the wider public whether a provider meets the expectations of the higher education sector for the setting and/or maintenance of academic standards; the provision of learning opportunities; the provision of information; and the enhancement of the quality o​f students' learning opportunities.​ The review is carried out by peer reviewers - staff and students from other providers - and culminates in the publication of a report containing judgements and other findings.

Students are at the heart of Higher Education Review: they are full members of QAA's peer review teams, and there are also opportunities for students to take part in the review by contributing a student submission, meeting the review team, and working with their providers in response to review outcomes.​​​