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Approaches to Partnership and Engagement

As part of the growing area of work relating to Student Engagement, the former Teaching, Learning and Student Development team developed a range of approaches to enable students to inform institutional dialogue.  These are in addition to the many of the current, formalised processes that exist already at the University but instead are intended to allow students to choose other ways for their voices to be heard.

Students as Partners

The Institute of Teaching and Learning (ITL) coordinates and supports a wide range of projects designed to enhance our teaching excellence across the University. Over the past 6 months, we have developed our Student Partner Programme, our paid student interns get the chance to work on projects across the University. Most recently, our Student Partners have worked with Institute Fellows and the development of the Student Experience Program (SEP). 

“Working in a partnership has shown me the value of student opinion and its active integration into staff projects. Recognising each other's strengths and using these to benefit the project, my partner showed me a continuous interest in and appreciation of my ideas and suggestions. She made me feel like my contribution mattered. “ - Student Partner

For more information on our Student as Partners program, please get in touch at

Student Consultations 

Consultations at the University of Manchester are a further opportunity for students to share their feedback and ideas about a specific topic/area. Throughout their time at University they will be invited to be a part of a range of Consultations spanning from Programme specific to wider University topics, from inputting in these sessions our students are helping to shape and enact change at the University. 

Student Reps 

Student Reps are the voice of the students on their course or in their research group. They provide a vital link between the student body, the University and the Students' Union and they work hard to make sure that student opinions are heard, and teaching and learning experiences for the students they represent are as rewarding as possible. For further information on Student Reps see here


Students have further opportunities to make their voice heard through our Step Up and Lead roles through Stellify. Becoming a student rep, part-time officer, society committee member, or peer support allows students to gain valuable experience and shape their experience at University. For further information on Stellify here