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Types of programme amendment

The information below is intended as a guide to the documentation required and the levels of approval needed for the some of the different types of programme amendment.  This list is not exhaustive therefore all proposed changes should be discussed with your Faculty Quality Administrator to determine the exact requirements for approval.

Types of Programme Amendments:

Please refer to the Programme Amendment Matrix

This matrix should be applied to all programmes but the final approval deadline of 31 March applies to Undergraduate programmes and 31 May for major amendments to Postgraduate taught programmes that have a standard intake date of September/October.  

When using this matrix please consider the following guiding principles:

  • Wherever possible, earlier approval is recommended to ensure that programmes feature in the prospectus.  Production of the UG prospectus starts in November two years prior to the programme running; the PGT prospectus starts in May two years prior to the programme running.
  • All major changes should be avoided for existing cohorts.  The ideal would be to introduce such significant amendments for the next new intake.
  • When making a final decision about making an amendment and the timing of it, consider all sources of published programme information that may need changing as a consequence, as conflicting, out-of-date or inaccurate programme information is contractual or seen as an ‘invitation to purchase’ and if it is not corrected and students are not informed we will not be compliant as a University and could face serious legal redress.
  • It is not an exhaustive list and advice should always be sought from your Faculty Quality Administrator in the first instance.
  • Please also consult with your Faculty Quality Administrator if you are considering making several minor amendments to a programme as this could cumulatively be defined as a major amendment and requires different action to be taken.
  • It is advisable for a log to be maintained for amendments made to each programme.  A suggested template will be published here soon.

Informing Students about Amendments:

We cannot exercise too much discretion to change important aspects such as course content and costs. We must also specifically bring any significant changes to the applicant or student’s attention.

Guidance is currently being formulated to provide guidance for informing and consulting students when making a programme amendment.