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Support recommendations

The following are examples of recommendations that may be made on a student's support plan. It is not an exhaustive list, and only those recommendations that are on a student's support plan should be implemented.

Advanced copies of lecture notes

DASS is aware that the majority of lecturers routinely make their notes available in advance on Blackboard. It is recommended that the DC contacts these students with details on how they will access any notes that are not available on Blackboard in advance.

Alternative format teaching materials

It is the School's responsibility to make materials that they would make available to all students, such as course handouts, in alternative formats. The School also needs to liaise with the Library to ensure that appropriate resources are available in format the student needs.


This recommendation will be very specific to the student, and will let staff know more about their condition and how to support them.

Lip reader

Staff should be aware that the student needs to see the face clearly when talking. Lighting should be considered, and staff should face the front when talking. They should also be aware that the student may miss some information if they are relying on lipreading, and may need additional support with the course content.


The student needs access to a safe storage area in their main building.

Loop System

The student will need to be timetabled in rooms with an induction loop. Staff should ensure that the loop system is switched on, and use microphones where provided.

May need to leave the lecture room

Some students may need to leave the room for a variety of disability-related reasons, and staff should not draw attention to this.

Modified or guided reading list

Please ensure that the student is provided with a reading list with the most relevant texts, including chapters, page numbers and articles to allow their reading to be directed, where the course permits.


Please ensure that the student is made aware of how to access podcasts.

Possible attendance issues

Please ensure that the student is aware of how to report their absence, preferably to a named individual in the School. Please ensure that key information about the course, such as deadlines, is made available to the student at these times.

Automatic Extensions

Students with automatic extensions should be given an extra five working days to complete assessed written work. There should be no need for them to complete a Mitigating Circumstances or extension application for this extension to be in place.