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Exam Support - students who need extra provision

Centrally Timetabled Exams

The Central Exams Office  make the arrangements for the centrally timetabled exams. There is a deadline before each exam period. Any student who would like to be considered for alternative exam arrangements must provide a fully completed DASS registration form and appropriate medical evidence, and have met with an adviser to discuss exam support, before this deadline.

Temporary Injuries

Schools are responsible for determining and arranging alternative arrangements for exams for students with temporary injuries. In order to ensure consistency we recommend these are discussed with DASS before being agreed.

School-run assessments

When Schools run timed, written assessments in-house (i.e. any assessments that are not timetabled via the central Exams Office), they will need put in place the exam arrangements that are recommended in students’ DASS University Support Plans.

To help you with organising this, please read our page which gives further detail about students' exam provision recommendations.

Please note, unless otherwise explicitly stated, the exam support recommended only applies to timed, written examinations. It does not apply to orals, vivas, OSCEs etc. unless otherwise agreed and advised by DASS to the School directly. If you're not sure whether the exam support should be put in place please contact the DASS caseworker for your School

Please note: it’s important that exam recommendations are not adapted by Schools. Only the DASS adjustments in the support plan should be put into place. If you’re not sure how to do this for any particular exam, please contact the DASS caseworker for your School