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Support Plans - Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I don't understand what the recommendations mean?

Further explanations of some of the recommendations that DASS makes are available here. If you have any further questions then please contact the DC or the DASS caseworker.

The student's told me they have a note taker, why isn't this on their University Support Plan?

Many students, as well as having a University Support Plan, can also access external funding for support from the Disabled Students Allowances.  This may fund equipment, support workers (only when required because of study), travel.  Students are supported through this process by DASS where they wish to apply.  They have a separate assessment externally to the University, and this support is not included in their support plan.

I'm running some in-class tests, do I need to put exam support in place?

If you are running timed, written assessments that aren't run by the central exams team, the School is responsible for putting in place the exam support that DASS has recommended.  If you need a list of amanuenses to contact, please email

I'm running oral or practical examinations outside the main exam period, should I put exam support in place?

The exam support that DASS recommends is only for timed, written examinations unless otherwise explicitly stated in the support plan. If this is the case you will see a recommendation for e.g. OSCE/viva/oral/aural etc support in the exam support list. Detail of the exact support to be provided is then listed in the student's academic support notes. If you have any queries about a student's exam support, please contact the DASS caseworker.  If you feel the student does need support in a practical or oral or other exam, please speak to the student in the first instance.  If they feel that they need support as well, encourage them to contact their DASS caseworker directly so that they can review their support. 

I don't think I can put the support in place that DASS has recommended, what should I do?

If you feel that you can't implement the support recommending in a support plan it is essential that you contact the DASS caseworker about this as soon as possible, and certainly within 2 weeks of receiving the report.  Please note that DASS may require reasoning why you aren't able to make the adjustment - if this is because it contravenes a core competency of the course, then please ensure that this is clearly explained. 

I think the student needs more support, what should I do?

We'd advise you to speak to the student in the first instance, to see if they feel that they need more support.  If they do, please advise them to contact their DASS caseworker to discuss this further.  If you are very concerned about a student, it may be more appropriate for you to contact DASS yourself via the referral procedure.