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Adding content

Data sources

Adding research outputs, datasets and student theses to Pure

Open Access doctoral theses awarded by The University of Manchester from 2010 onwards are automatically added to Pure following completion of the electronic thesis submission process. Administered theses will display on the ‘Student theses’ tab of all supervisors’ research profiles. 

Adding activities, impact, press/media and prizes to Pure

Downloading your data / Creating a CV

Adding Platforms, Facilities and Equipment to Pure

How do I log into Pure?

Pure is web based and can be accessed both on campus and off campus at You should use your University username (e.g. mwxr3lp9) and password to access Pure. When you first log into Pure you will see a pop-up window with a message explaining the terms of agreement associated with the use of Pure. Please read this carefully and tick to confirm you agree. 

Which browser should I use to access Pure?

You can use any of the latest versions of any browser to access Pure, however Chrome, Safari and Firefox are recommended. 

How do I grant access to another member of staff to manage my content in Pure?

The staff member who you wish to manage your content in Pure will require a user account of their own. Accounts can be requested here. Once the member of staff has a Pure account, you can grant them Trusted User access. A guide explaining how Trusted User access can be set up can be found here.

Please note that by granting Trusted User access, you give the user full control over your Pure account including your content and any approval powers you may have. 

How do I edit incorrect personal data held in Pure?

Your personal record is made up of a combination of data from the University’s corporate systems and data which can be entered in Pure.

Data which is brought into Pure from another system cannot be edited in Pure. To maintain data consistency, any corrections to data should be made in the source system. Once the data corrections have been made by the source system owners, the data in Pure will then update (usually within 24 hours).

The following systems provide different elements of person data -

• HR (ResourceLink) – most personal information, including organisational affiliations
• Campus Solutions – details of PGR student supervisions
• Oracle CRM – details of the University’s internal hierarchy (Faculties, Schools, Institutes)
• Staff Directory – address details

If you find that there is an error in your personal data please contact the Pure support team who can liaise with the owners of the corporate systems to correct your data.

Some fields can be edited directly in Pure. These include your profile photo, links to websites, biographical information such as research interests and education and qualification details.

How do I add my ORCID to Pure?

A guide to managing your ORCID in Pure is available here

How do I add my Find A PhD opportunities to my profile?

You can choose to show your live opportunities listed on Find A PhD on the 'Opportunities' tab on your profile. To do so, ensure you have entered your Find A PhD ID onto your Pure record. 

If I leave the University, can I take my information with me?

If you are leaving the University, please contact the Pure Support Team who can advise you on the best way in which to extract your data from Pure for use outside of the system. 

How can I add my platform, facility of equipment to Pure?

If you manage a University platform, facility or piece of equipment and wish to add the details to Research Explorer please contact

Existing pages can be found directly at