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User Guides

Getting started in Pure

The following PDF guide has been written for PGR students.

 You can find further guidance and a list of 'How do I? questions' for research staff here.

Top tips for a new user

  1. Upload a profile picture
    To upload a profile picture, sign in to Pure and click on ‘edit profile’ (a new window will pop up). Under ‘Profile photos’ click on ‘add file’. You can now upload your photo. Don’t forget to click on ‘create’ and then ‘save’ on the next window to make the changes.
  2. Add a brief biography
    Sign in to Pure and click on ‘edit profile’. In the ‘Curriculum and research description’ section, click on ‘Add profile information…’. Select ‘Biography’ from the drop down menu and enter your text. Don’t forget to click on ‘create’ and then ‘save’ on the next window to make the changes.
  3. Upload your publications
    The easiest way is via an import file, such as .RIS (EndNote) or BibTeX. View our handy guide here.
  4. Make your profile public
    To make your profile visible on Research Explorer, you will need to sign in to Pure and click on ‘edit profile’. At the bottom of the page select ‘Public – no restriction’ from the drop down menu. Don’t forget to click ‘save’ !
  5. Create some highlights
    You can draw attention to specific content by creating 'Highlighted Content' on your profile.  To do this, sign in to Pure and click on the 'Edit Profile' button. Next, choose 'Highlighted Content' from the left-hand menu and add any records you wish to feature by clicking on the add (+) button in the content type tabs. When you are finished adding your content, click 'Save' at the bottom of the page. Once saved, your highlights will be viewable on your Research Explorer profile page.

How do I?

How do I make my profile visible?

You can make your profile visible on the Research Explorer by changing the visibility status to 'Public'. 

To change your profile's visibility setting, log into Pure and click on 'Edit Profile'. Scroll to the bottom of the editor window to the Visibility section. 

Change the visibility to 'Public' and click the blue Save button. 

Your profile will then be immediately available on the Research Explorer. 

How do I add my contact details to Pure?

To add contact details to your Pure profile, click on 'Edit profile' from your Pure homepage.

Scroll down to the section entitled Organisational Affiliations.

Next to your primary affiliation (marked with a grey primary icon), click on the 'edit' button.

Scroll down to the sections 'Physical addresses' and 'Electronic addresses'. Here you can add your location on campus, email address and phone number.

When you have finished, click the blue 'Update' button. You will then be returned to your Edit profile screen. Remember to click the blue 'Save' button on the editor before closing the window.

Why can’t I find my profile in an internet search?

Once your profile is set to ‘public’ and it is visible in Research Explorer, it can take a few days for it to appear in search results. This is because the search engines need to locate and index the new page.

If your profile is not visible in search results after 10 days or more, please contact

How do I extend access after my programme ends?

Should you wish to continue using Pure once your programme ends, you can email and request an extension of your access until your graduation date. 

How do I add my research projects?

You can add details of any research projects you are associated with either by - 

1. Adding the details to the narrative parts of your profile

  • Sign into Pure and click on ‘edit profile’ (a new window will pop up)
  • Scroll down to the 'Curriculum and research description' heading and click on 'Add profile information...'
  • Select ‘Research Interests’ from the dropdown menu and enter the details of your research projects in the free-text box. 
  • Don’t forget to click ‘Create’ and then ‘Save’ at the bottom of the next screen

Your text will now be published in a ‘Research and projects’ tab on your profile.

2. Requesting a project page

For more information on project pages, please read our guide here. 

How do I add my conference poster?

You can add your conference poster as an activity in Pure by following the steps below:

  • Sign into Pure and click on ‘edit profile’ (a new window will pop up).
  • Click on the green 'Add new button' on the right hand side and select 'Activity'.
  • Select 'Participating in or organising event(s)' and then 'Participating in a conference, workshop, exhibition, performance, inquiry, course etc'
  • Next, change your role to 'poster presenter' by scrolling down to you name and clicking 'edit'. Select 'Poster presenter' from the drop-down menu.
  • You can now enter the details of your poster and upload a copy if you wish.
  • Don’t forget to click ‘Create’ and then ‘Save’ at the bottom of the next screen

Your poster will now be published in your ‘Activities’ tab.

Your Pure profile and your career

Like any openly available online information associated with your name, your PURE profile can be used to enhance your career prospects - or the opposite.

The PDF guide below has been produced by the Careers Service for PGR students:

 Manchester Network

You can find advice and input into your research online from over 2,000 alumni experts via the Manchester Network.

Log on to the network using your student username and password, and approach alumni working in a range of fields including Banking and Finance, the Charity Sector, Construction, Government Administration, IT and Computing, Medicine and Healthcare, Oil and Energy, and Retail, among many others.

You can ask a one-off questions via email, arrange a phone call, or even approach them to visit their workplace. The mentors are based across the globe.