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Colleagues may also wish to refer to the Scholarship toolkit available at  

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The following profiles showcase some of the many features you may choose to include on your own profile -

Researcher profiles FAQs

Which data from my profile will be shown externally?

Only certain sections from the information held in your account in Pure will show externally on your research profile. 

These include any heading added under the 'Curriculum and research description' section, such as 'Biography', 'Qualifications' and 'Research interests'. 

Your current affiliation (school/unit) will also show, along with any contact details you have added (email address, telephone number etc). 

Your profile photo, any links and your ORCID will also be visible. 


Please note that the following fields are NOT externally visible - 


Employee ID


Scopus ID

Affiliation start and end dayes

Start date at the institution


When will my school webpage be updated?

Any updates you make to your Pure profile (such as, for example, updating your biography), will not update any Faculty or School webpages you may have. 

Any profiles which you may have previously maintained via My Manchester can still be updated using this system. 

Why can’t I find my profile in an internet search?

Once your profile is set to ‘public’ and it is visible in Research Explorer, it can take a few days for it to appear in search results. This is because the search engines need to locate and index the new page.

If your profile is not visible in search results after 10 days or more, please contact

How long do I have to wait for updates to my profile to be available?

The majority of changes you make to your profile information update on your profile within a few minutes. 

How do I make my profile visible?

You can make your profile visible on the Research Explorer by changing the visibility status to 'Public'. 

To change your profile's visibility setting, log into Pure and click on 'Edit Profile'. Scroll to the bottom of the editor window to the Visibility section. 

Change the visibility to 'Public' and click the blue Save button. 

Your profile will then be immediately available on the Research Explorer. 

How long can I retain my profile for after I leave?

By default, your profile and the information contained within it will be retained for 1 year after your end date and will continue to show on Research Explorer.

Before leaving you can choose to make your profile confidential and remove information from it. After leaving the University you can contact to request your profile be removed. 

Research Explorer preview FAQs

What is the preview?

The preview is an opportunity over Summer 2022 to review your new look profile on a development environment. Your current profile on will not be affected. 

Where can I find details of the changes?

A summary of the changes to Research Explorer and researcher profiles can be found in the training section below. 

You can also find training guides on a range of new features available on the new profiles. 

How do I preview my new profile?

You can preview your new profile by going to

In the username field enter 'preview'.

In the password field enter 'preview'

Use the search box to search for your name. 

There is data missing in my profile preview, what should I do?

The data available in the preview of your new look profile is a copy taken from your live profile in early July. It will not include any new records or changes made after this point. 

I don't have a profile, can I take part in the preview?

If you have never created a research profile in Pure, you can still preview the new look Research Explorer using the link and credentials provided. You won't however be able to view your own profile. If you'd like to create a profile please contact us at

How can I edit my new profile during the preview?

It is not possible to edit your profile during the preview. If you'd like to use any of the new features to see how they will look please contact and we can assist you. 

What will happen after the preview?

When the preview ends, your current research profile will be migrated to the newlook one. This is currently planned for November 2022. Your existing profile will be automatically migrated and you will not need to transfer any information.