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Influence public policy

As the University's sector-leading policy engagement institute, Policy@Manchester connects researchers with policy-makers and influencers, nurtures long-term policy relationships, and seeks to enhance stakeholder understanding of pressing policy challenges.

Policy@Manchester can offer training in policy-influencing across all experience levels, from those who are new to the scene, through to researchers who have already engaged with policy-makers

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Become a blog contributor

If your research has a policy angle then one way to begin the process of influencing public policy debates and outcomes is to write a blog. When used in conjunction with other tools, at the right time, blogs can bring about positive outcomes for researchers who are keen to see their work influence public policy debates.

If you’d like to write for us on a public policy issue, or if you’re interested in having a conversation about how your research might be able to influence public policy then get in touch.

tel: +44 (0) 161 306 4298

Find a specific team member via the Policy@Manchester contact page.

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“Policy@Manchester is a hugely important and successful part of the University’s research impact activity. For me, the real benefit it offers is approachable in-house expertise that is flexible and responsive to the needs of the particular researcher, research insight and policy context.”

Professor Carly McLachlan / Director, Tyndall Manchester
Dr Emma Banister

"Through its training courses Policy@Manchester has been really important to me because it has changed the way I think about interacting with Whitehall. It has given me a real understanding of how Parliament works and helped arm me with the tools and confidence I need to make an impact with my work around Shared Parental Leave."

Dr Emma Banister / Senior Lecturer, Consumer Research, Alliance Manchester Business School