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Records Retention Schedule

The Records Retention Schedule (RRS) constitutes the University’s policy on the retention and disposition of records and data.

The retention periods given in the schedule are mandatory and any exceptions should be agreed with the Information Governance Office. Advice on records that are not covered by this schedule can be obtained from the Information Governance Office.

It is particularly important that records containing personal data are managed in accordance with this schedule as the University has an obligation to tell data subjects how long their data will be kept for, and to adhere to this policy. Records that may contain personal data are identified in this schedule with an asterisk in the “Description” field. 

For additional information please refer to the Retention Schedule Guidance document. 

The Information Governance Office has held training sessions on the management of information in Outlook and shared drives.

The sessions concentrated on how to:

1.    Apply retention policies to this data
2.    Identify data which can and should be deleted
3.    Structure data to make it accessible

Watch a recording of the session or view the presentation slides