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Off-site record storage

The Information Governance Office (IGO) manages a limited off-site storage service for University records. We are using Iron Mountain, a recognised external storage provider. The cost of the off-site storage element of the service is met centrally while the cost for retrievals and returns is met by the relevant area of the University that owns the records. Details of records that are required to be transferred to storage should be sent to the IGO after which the IGO will arrange for Iron Mountain to collect the records directly from the record owner. Please note that the IGO can only accept semi and non-current records for storage. Semi-current records are those records which are still required to be kept but are rarely needed for day-to-day business.

Details of the procedure for using the off-site storage:

Collection and Storage

Contact the IGO at with details of records that require storing – including types of records, date range of records, the numbers of boxes, the record owner (i.e., the area of the University responsible for the records) and the retention date. The IGO will also need the details of the contact person responsible for the records and the address for record collection.

If the records are suitable for storage the IGO will forward record owners reference labels and Iron Mountain barcodes for each of the boxes. A detailed list of all the records that are to be sent to Iron Mountain needs to be written for each box. Each box of records should have a box number (the Iron Mountain barcode) on the front of the box (not on the box lid) and the University’s customer ID (EMD93) should be written in the space provided on each barcode. A box name if one has been assigned by the department and a list of all the records within the box should also be included i.e., the title and date range of the records. It is essential that a FULL list of records are included in your description as this list will be required to retrieve records from Iron Mountain.

Iron Mountain only accepts boxes no larger than 16"x14"x10 3/8" and each boxes should have handles.

It is essential that a retention date for the records is provided. Ask the IGO for advice if you are unsure of retention periods. Please note that records may automatically be destroyed (or transferred into the University archive if appropriate) once they reach their retention date unless records owners contact the IGO prior to this date asking for the retention date to be renewed. Records without a retention date will not be accepted for storage. The retention date must be compatible with the University Records Retention Schedule.

Once the list of records has been drawn up this (as well as the barcode numbers) should be forwarded to the IGO along with a date of when you require the records to be collected by Iron Mountain. The IGO cannot guarantee that Iron Mountain will be able to collect the records on the date specified but we will try and organise a convenient date as close to this as we are able.

Once the IGO have input your request for collection to Iron Mountain we will email you confirmation of the collection date.

The weight of each box should not exceed 8kg for Health and Safety reasons.


Requests for retrievals from Iron Mountain should be emailed to the IGO. As much detail as possible should be provided, including the Iron Mountain reference number. Please note the record owner will be re-charged for each retrieval and return.

If you have any queries about the above process please do not hesitate to contact the IGO.

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