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Preparing material for online courses and virtual teaching

If you are planning a new online ATAS-associated course or when adjusting an existing ATAS-associated course to be accessed remotely, export controls must be considered to determine if the content of the course is controlled.

You must:

  • Determine whether the planned content for the course/material for virtual teaching is controlled
  • Decide if you can alter the course to eliminate the controlled part of the content (preferred option) or if it is deemed impossible due to the type of course it is, then apply for an export licence, before putting the course online, by completing and sending form 5c to the Export Control Compliance (ECC) team

If your assessment indicates that course content is not controlled BUT you are preparing the material for a specific student exchange agreement between the University and another institution or as part of a CPD program for a company, then you must still fill in form 5c to request due diligence checks on the institution/company.

Please remember that it is your responsibility to self-assess your course content. If you are uncertain, ECC team can help.