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Training, Resources and Guidance


We have produced updated Guidance for managers on supporting LGB Staff 

Updated guidance and new training for supporting Trans* Staff and students has recently been published by Equality, Diversity & Inclusion:

Supporting Trans* Staff and Students 

Training and development

There is a whole suite of LGBT inclusive leadership and development training which can be seen here (PSS staff) and here (academic staff).  The most recent addtion being Trans*fer:A Journey which looks at barriers facing Trans* staff and how we can all be better equipped in making trans staff feel part of the organisaiton.

You can also look at our online module Supporting Trans Staff Training

Training Resources

We have a number of DVD resources which can be loaned from the unit.  DVD resources are a way of raising awareness of a particular area and can be shown to a group all at once.  Each DVD come with a resource pack so that additional training can be offered.  Currently we have 3 titles available:

  • Visibility Matters - 'Jan's Coming Out' - looking at Lesbian 'coming out'
  • Visibility Matters - 'Talking Transgender'
  • Age Concern - 'Gateway to Heaven' - looking at LGBT and age

If you wish to loan any of these, please contact

Additionally, we can access a wide range of LGBT films and documentaries via Kanopy streaming.  It is a University wide resource and has hundreds of LGBT related titles.