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Lesbian Visibility Week 2022

Lesbian Visibility Week 2023


Lesbian - Refers to a woman who has a romantic and/or sexual orientation towards women. Some non-binary people may also identify with this term

What is Lesbian Visibility Week?

Lesbian Visibility Week runs this year from Monday 24th April to Sunday 30th April. It was founded by Linda Riley, the Publisher and CEO of Diva Magazine.

In an article written for Stonewall, Riley explains that, “Since 2008, lesbians like me have been embracing the day of 26th April – Lesbian Visibility Day. It’s 24 hours where our community comes together to celebrate and commemorate the achievements of a group of people which has for so long been marginalised.

Two years ago, I came to the conclusion that a single day for lesbian visibility was simply insufficient. We needed, and deserved, more time to shine a light on some of the amazing women in our community, and to celebrate who we are without fear of prejudice, harassment or vilification.”

Why get involved?

Involvement in Lesbian Visibility Week will:

  • Show your employees and customers that you are actively supporting the LGBTQI community as part of your overall Diversity & Inclusion strategy.
  • ​​Provide your company with an annual platform to actively and authentically support LGBTQI women in your workplace.
  • ​​Give your company and employees insights and resources that can be used to better support your LGBTQI community or network on an ongoing basis.
  • Diva’s Insight Survey 2021 has more information on the wider picture for LGBTQI women and non-binary people in the UK, and it is important to address this picture.

What events are happening for Lesbian Visibility Week?

We're adding events as we learn about them

Resources to help you celebrate and raise awareness

Check out the following blog posts:

Check out Stonewall's TikTok video with Ellie Medhurst, a lesbian fashion historian, on Lesbian fashion in the workplace!

Visit the Lesbian Hub .

Look into the campaign to make access to IVF equal for LGBTQ+ people

  • As a part of this campaign, Stonewall are working with ‘Wegan’, who are a lesbian couple fighting for fertility equality.