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Measuring auditory responses using electrodes sited on the scalp, in the ear canal and through the ear drum.


Ethics reference:  2018-2070

What is the aim of the project?
Electrical signals are often recorded non-invasively to provide objective information about a listeners hearing. These measures can be highly variable. We want to compare electrical signals measured from different locations in order to better understand the most accurate way of studying the human auditory system.

Am I eligible for the study?
To participate you must be FEMALE aged 30-36 years of age and have normal hearing.

What will I need to do?
Have electrodes positioned on the scalp, in the ear and an electrode inserted through the ear drum. These recordings will be spread across 4 sessions (2 invasive and 2 non-invasive).

Will I be reimbursed for my time and travel expenses?
You will be recompensed for your time and effort at a standard rate per session. There are a total of 5.5 hours of testing which will be completed in 4 sessions. If all 5.5 hours are completed you will qualify for a bonus payment.

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