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Are you aged 40-75 years and interested in trying multifocal contact lenses?


University Ethics Committee number: 2018-4043-5751/5788



Eurolens Research is offering the opportunity for eligible volunteers to try multifocal contact lenses (in clinic only) as part of a clinical study. If you are a current contact lens wearer, but find that you sometimes struggle with your close vision in your current lenses, this study may give you a good opportunity to try multifocal contact lenses for the first time (or to try other brands if you already wear multifocal contact lenses). These lenses correct both your close and distance vision, thereby offering an alternative to varifocal spectacles.




Study Design: This study will investigate the clinical performance of two types of multifocal toric contact lenses. All products to be used in the study are CE marked - this means that they are approved for sale in the European Union. This work only seeks to more closely investigate the clinical performance of the study products. The study contact lenses will be worn during clinic visits only.




Inclusion Criteria: Subjects should be aged between 40 and 75 years and need to have worn soft contact lenses successfully within six months of starting the study. Vision prescription will also need to meet criteria defined by the protocol.




Duration and Appointments: Subjects will be required to attend two visits. The first visit will last approximately 1.5 hours, and the second will last approximately 4.5 hours. There will be a gap of approximately 1-2 weeks between the two visits.




Payment: Subjects completing this study will be compensated for their time. Should you not finish the study out of choice, for personal reasons or for non-ocular health-related reasons, you will also be compensated for the time you have spent at study visits. Full payment will be made in cases where we recommend that you finish the study early. During the study, any contact lens products and eye examinations will be provided free of charge. Travel costs or loss of earnings from your participation will be at your own expense.


Contact details or call the recruitment team on 0161 306 2132 (ref 634)