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Research Looking for Expert Meditators


UREC Proportionate Ethics Committee, Research ethics code:

[UREC Ref: 2017-2372-3931]




This study uses electroencephalography (EEG) to measure your brain’s response when attempting to memorise and identify unfamiliar faces. You will be invited to attend a single session lasting about 2 hours. You will be asked to fill in some questionnaires about your day-to-day experiences. Then, an EEG cap (like a stretchy swimming cap with holes in it) will be placed on your head, the holes will be filled with gel, and electrodes will be placed in the holes to measure EEG and around your eyes to measure eye movements and blinks. This testing session is comprised of computerised face recognition memory tasks, which involve providing responses using a keyboard. Throughout the tasks we will record your brain activity. Afterwards, we will remove the cap and electrodes, and you will be given the opportunity to wash the gel out of your hair.




To participate, you must:


•          Be aged 18 or over


•          Be an expert mindfulness or loving-kindness meditator (at least 3 years of formal meditation practice, 30 minutes of daily meditation practice and have attended at least 2 intensive meditation retreats)


•          Have normal or corrected-to-normal vision


•          No history of neurological or psychiatric disorder


•          No psychoactive medication




The study will take place in the EEG Lab, Zochonis Building, Brunswick Street, Oxford Road Campus, M13 9PL.




You will receive financial compensation for your time.


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