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An EEG study of words presented in different contexts (adults aged 50+)


Ethics ref: 15339

Healthy adult participants aged 50 years old and older are sought for an experiment investigating the brain’s response to different types of words presented in different contexts. This study uses electroencephalography (EEG) to measure your brain’s response to spoken and/or written words. You will be invited to attend a single session lasting about 2 hours. You will be asked to fill in some questionnaires about negative thoughts and impulsivity. Then, an EEG cap (like a stretchy swimming cap with holes in it) will be placed on your head, the holes will be filled with gel, and electrodes will be placed in the holes to measure EEG and around your eyes to measure eye movements and blinks. We will then show you words on a computer screen or play words through loudspeakers and ask you to make occasional responses using a keyboard while we record your brain activity. Afterwards, we will remove the cap and electrodes, and you will be given the opportunity to wash the gel out of your hair. 


Please only participate in this experiment if: 

- you are a native British English speaker

- you are aged 50 or over

- you have no history of neurological disorder, depression, or other mental illness

- you have no visual or reading impairments (including dyslexia)

- your hearing is normal

- your vision is normal or corrected-to-normal (glasses can be worn during the study) 

- you are not currently taking any psychoactive medication


The session takes approximately 2 hours and you will be compensated financially (or with high-street vouchers) for your time. The study will be conducted in the Zochonis Building (Brunswick Street) under the supervision of Dr Jason Taylor

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