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Healthy male volunteers aged 30 to 45 are needed for study on action and perception


Ethics ref:  2017-2541-4503


We are looking for healthy male volunteers to take part in a study looking at how people control movements. To be eligible you need to:


  • Be aged between 30 to 45

  • Be healthy

  • Have no history of eye conditions (e.g. lazy eye, reduced vision even with glasses)

  • Have no history or neurological or psychological illness

  • Have English as your first language


    Initially you would be required to perform an IQ test and some questionnaires (approximately 1 hour). Some volunteers will then be invited back to attend a 2nd visit to perform the actual experiment. Experiments involve observing and copying actions or movements and performing other simple movement tasks and last approximately 1 hour. You will receive a small reimbursement.

Experiments are conducted at the University of Manchester


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