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Do you wear soft contact lenses but tend to find them uncomfortable?


University Ethics Committee number:    2017-1635-4026



Posting subject:    Do you wear soft contact lenses but tend to find them uncomfortable?






Study Design:  This study aims to investigate the relationship between comfort of contact lens wear and the response of the eyelids during contact lens wear. 31 contact lens wearers whom are somewhat uncomfortable with their lenses will have their eyes examined at three clinic visits, and will continue to wear their own contact lenses during the study. 31 comfortable contact lens wearers have already been identified for this study.



Inclusion Criteria: Subjects should be over the age of 18 and need to have worn the same brand of soft contact lenses for at least the previous three months. Subjects who are pregnant (or breast-feeding), and those not currently wearing soft contact lenses will be unable to participate.



Duration and Appointments: Subjects will be required to attend our clinic for three visits. The visits will last approximately 1 hour. There will be 2-4 days between each study visit.



Payment: Subjects completing this study will be compensated for their time. Should you not finish the study out of choice, for personal reasons or for non-ocular health-related reasons, you will also be compensated for the time you have spent at study visits. Full payment will be made in cases where we recommend that you finish the study early. During the study, any contact lens products and eye examinations will be provided free of charge. Travel costs or loss of earnings from your participation will be at your own expense.





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