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A PhD in 3 years?


Will you complete your PhD in 3 years or take longer?


Have you already completed your PhD?


I am researching students’ experiences of studying for a PhD. Specifically, I am looking to develop a theory of what helps and hinders students to complete PhDs within the standard 3 year PhD timeframe. To explore this topic, I will be carrying out interviews of current and former PhD students.


I would like to speak to PhD students from all disciplines who:


·         are in the 2nd year and above who think they will take longer than 3 years to submit

·         are in the 2nd year and above who think they will submit within 3 years

·         have submitted in more than 3 years

·         have submitted within 3 years


The interview will take approximately 1 hour, although it could take longer by mutual agreement. You will be compensated for your time.All your information will be kept confidential and your details will be anonymised.

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