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A study investigating language and memory


You are being invited to take part in a research study. The aim is

 to assess language and memory and how the brain contributes to these



 You will be asked to visit the University on two occasions. On one

 occasion we will ask you to complete some simple language and

memory tasks. On the second occasion we will ask you to undergo an

 brain scan (MRI scan), this allows us to get a picture of your brain.


To take part you need to meet the following inclusion criteria:


 1. Aged between 40-70 years old

 2. English as first language

 3. No history of depression

 4. No history of epilepsy/head injuries

 5. No history of heart Problems (or surgery to your heart)

 6. Normal or corrected-to-normal vision. Normal colour vision (i.e., not colourblind)

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