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Participants sought for eye tracking study


Participants are sought for a study investigating how people mentally represent information while reading.

Participants will be asked to read short narrative stories from a computer screen at their own pace whilst resting their head in a desktop mount. While reading, your eye movements will be recorded by an eye tracker.  Each story will be presented on their own, followed by a simple comprehension question requiring a yes/no response.

The study is anticipated to take up to, approximately, 1 hour, and you will receive compensation for your participation.

Please Note:


  • Due to the nature of the study, participants must speak English as their first language. This is because people who do not have English as a first language may process the information in the text in a slightly different way and so affect the results we receive.
  • Again, due to the nature of the study I am unable to sample from those with a reading disability (e.g. dyslexia)
  • Participants should have no known neurological or psychiatric disorder as this may affect the way information is processed and consequently the results obtained.
  • Because this research is similar to several ongoing studies I am unable to sample from those who have participated in a self-paced reading study in the past 3 months.



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