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Volunteers wanted for language experiment: Do you speak English, Italian or Spanish as your first language?


If the answer is yes you may be interested in taking part in a language experiment at the University of Manchester.

As part of a project funded by the British Academy we intend to investigate similarities and differences between native and non-native speakers of English, we are looking for adult volunteers to take part in an eye-tracking study.

Eye-tracking is a non-invasive methodology where eye movements are recorded while participants look at a scene displayed on a computer monitor. This methodology works by recording the reflection of near-infrared light directed to the participants' eyes and then by extrapolating the rotation of the eye and the direction of gaze. The technology is completely safe and it does not involve the recording of actual images of the person's face or eyes.

The study consists of 3 parts: a) a questionnaire on the participants' use of English and Italian/Spanish, and any other languages; b) an English vocabulary comprehension test; c) a listening and comprehension eye-tracking task with pre-recorded sentences in English. The monolingual English-speaking participants will only complete part (c). We anticipate that the eye-tracking task will take approximately 30 minutes; the vocabulary an additional 20 minutes. The language questionnaire will take approximately 10minutes to complete.

You will be compensated for your time.

The experiment will take place in the Eye-tracking Lab (BG.18) in the Ellen Wilkinson Building at The University of Manchester, Oxford Road. If you are interested in taking part, please contact Ms. Nadiia Denhovska (

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