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Psychologist puts positive spin on fear of spiders
(17 Nov 2017)

New research by a University of Manchester psychologist could give new hope to people who are scared of spiders.

(14 Nov 2017)
The earliest autism intervention study in the world has suggested that a parenting intervention using video-feedback for families with babies at family risk of autism may reduce the severity of emerging signs of autism.

Graphene water filter turns whisky clear
(13 Nov 2017)
In their experiments, Manchester researchers filtered whisky and cognac through a graphene-oxide membrane

Phosphorene reveals its superconductivity

(10 Nov 2017)
A new atomically thin material similar to graphene has been proven to be a promising new superconductive material.

Study shows therapeutic impact of neighbourliness on dementia
(07 Nov 2017)
New research is showing how being connected with their local community has reaped enormous benefits for people with dementia

Study reveals enormous advances for rheumatoid arthritis patients
(07 Nov 2017)

People living with Rheumatoid Arthritis have experienced significant improvements in their daily lives which is probably down to early and more aggressive treatment of the disease, according to new research from The Universities of Manchester and East Anglia.

Scientists identify new way of attacking breast cancer
(03 Nov 2017)

Scientists have discovered a brand new way of attacking breast cancer that could lead to a new generation of drugs.

Frog poo test is dung deal to give amphibian crisis the skids
(01 Nov 2017)
A new tool has been developed by Manchester scientists to help reverse the decline in some of the world’s most endangers species of amphibians

Arctic expedition to uncover the secrets of an ancient and mysterious shark
(31 Oct 2017)

An international team of scientists, including a physiologist from The University of Manchester, will head to the largest island in the world later this month to investigate the Greenland shark – believed to be the longest-lived vertebrate animal.

Devices assembled from 2D materials separate different salts in seawater
(27 Oct 2017)
2-dimensional materials have been successfully assembled into devices with the smallest possible man made holes for water desalination

(27 Oct 2017)
Tornadoes are an underestimated threat across Europe with the UK, Germany, and northern Italy at the greatest risk as tornado season fast approaches.

Right-dose medication could save NHS

(24 Oct 2017)
Twenty one of the world’s leading pharmacologists have urged drugs companies and governments to help change the way the medication is dosed by signing up to a ‘roadmap for change’.

(20 Oct 2017)
A new study by University of Manchester researchers, published on World Asthma Day (2 May), has probed the features that both patients and healthcare professionals want from an asthma management app.